Calgary, Alberta

Village Brewery began in 2011 by six partners (or as they like to call themselves Beer Barons) with over 150 years of combined beer experience! To sum Village Brewing up in 2 words, it would be community and collaboration. They are amazing at collaborating on beers to help build and grow the craft beer community. 10% of their bottom line goes into the community. They’ve teamed up with Dandy Brewing (2015) to make the Village Dandy, a 5.5% abv Saison, and with Banded Peak Brewing (2017) to make the Village Friend, a 10% Belgian Tripel. Let’s not forget the Village Gardener where they team up with several community associations in Calgary by giving them their hop rhizomes. In September, the hops is harvested and Village Brewery makes a beer which gets distributed back to the community associations for numerous fundraising events.

Two of their core beers are The Blonde and The Blacksmith. They appeal to two different palates though I like them both for different reasons. The Blonde is crisp and refreshing and slightly fruity. I tend to think of this style as a go to summer beer. The Blacksmith is darker, richer and a touch bitter. I found out if you mix the two together you get a Dirty Blonde! Initially I thought this was sacrilege but decided it was OK since it was Jim Button’s idea.