The First Critical Sip

Pour a couple of ounces into a glass. This is your TASTING SIP. Now SWIRL it around in your glass. This opens the wine and releases the aromas. Now take a SNIFF. Not like a soap opera star who quickly waves the glass an inch under her nose. Come on, you’ve got to give your nose a fighting chance! Tip your glass, put your nose right in it, take a deep breath with your mouth closed and then open your mouth to exhale. The aromas have gone through your nasal passage, against the back of your throat and out over your tongue hitting many taste receptors. Now take a medium SIP of wine and SWISH it around your mouth. The point is to make sure the wine hits every part of your mouth so that you can really taste it. The good news is that you only need to do this exercise for the initial taste to make sure the wine is healthy. (More info to come about Faulty Wines) If it looks good, smells good and tastes good, then top up your glass and enjoy!

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